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Pets quickly become part of your family.  From the moment you look into their eyes you know that the love they feel for you is unconditional.  Pets are loyal and always ready to please, comfort, or play with you.  They sense your moods & try to help any way they can.  Sometimes, your beloved dog or cat can have an accident whether it is excitement or fear, potty training or old age, It’s just an accident, and we can fix it.  Unlike humans animals have an enhanced sense of smell, and natural instincts that tell them to mark their territory.  This is a challenge for many pet owners, however, you can remove the urge to mark an indoor territory by removing the original marking.
Advance Carpet & Furniture Cleaning has been helping people in Chicagoland’s Southwestern & Western suburbs since 1986.  Of course, the best time to remove a pet stain is immediately when they first occur, but sometimes that is not an option.  However, a professional pet stain extraction is still the best way to discourage your pet from remarking his spot whether it is a new stain or an old stain. We don’t just treat the surface of the carpet.  In most cases, the urine has soaked down to the pad or sub-floor so it is necessary to go deep.  Advance Carpet & Furniture Cleaning uses a unique eco-friendly, pet-friendly pre-treatment that breaks down urine crystals and encapsulates odors.  Once the area has been pre-treated we use a special tool called the “Water Claw” to extract the urine completely out of the carpet and pad.  This process is the only way to truly remove the stain & odor and discourage your pet’s sensitive nose and natural instincts.   We can help you with pet stain and odor removal so your carpets look great and smell fresh once again.   Call Us Today, and feel comfortable and proud of your home once again!